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Beloit College’s School of Media and the Arts combines an interdisciplinary curriculum with personalized services and hands-on experiences to prepare you for a successful career in an array of creative fields.

The faculty includes acclaimed media professionals, journalists, artists, writers, scholars, and journalists committed to mentoring students on campus and throughout their careers.

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The School of Media and the Arts (SoMA) is aligned with majors in creative writing, media studies, studio art, and performing and applied arts (dance, music, and theatre), and with minors in journalism, studio art, visual studies, and creative writing.

You can complete certificate programs designed to strengthen your portfolio. The school sponsors residency and travel opportunities to locations offering internships and entry-level jobs.

Your learning won’t just take place in the classroom. You will also earn through experiences with local and global businesses and organizations. Internships, clubs, and community involvement are a crucial part of your educational journey at Beloit.

Fellowship Program

The School of Media and the Arts offers a fellowship program for students who wish to take full advantage of our career preparation resources and facilities. Students who complete a major in Art, Media Studies, Creative Writing or Performing and Applied Arts (PART), participate in a collaborative project outside their School requirements, and complete an exhibition, show, film, reading, or broadcast, plus other requirements will be considered fellows.

Beginning in 2025, fellows will be recognized with a reception and at their graduation with school regalia.

A welcoming place for international students

We take pride in our high percentage of international students. You will receive assistance in career planning and finding internships/jobs through individualized advising and by leveraging our strong alumni network.

Rewriting medieval French literature
School of Media and the Arts News

Rewriting medieval French literature

Professor of French Joseph Derosier teaches students to dive deep into medieval French romances, asking: How do we connect with literature that was written in a different language, for a different audience, and in a much different time? And how can we reinterpret them as stories that we do understand, like The Office?

Study Away Fair

Study Away Fair: Discover your options for off-campus study!

Beloit College students enjoyed their time spent with experts in the field of recreation.

Students learn about careers in recreation

Beloit College faculty and staff join students for a fun-filled field trip learning about careers in recreation with alumni at Madison School District of Recreation.


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