纵情者因其独特性而团结在一起, 相信包容社区的力量, 向周围的世界学习, 并保持一辈子的联系.


潜行者在这个地方的每一个角落和缝隙里学习. 灵活的课程设置 allows you to become your best self — entrepreneur, activist, scholar, human. 你的信任 顾问和导师 会给你一路上的支持和鼓励吗.

Professor of Anthropology Shannon Fie works with students individually in the Logan Museum lab. Professor of Anthropology Shannon Fie works with students individually in the Logan Museum lab.


伯洛伊特学院正在创造 学校 to help you align your major 和 课程work with professional opportunities throughout your four years here.

Between what you learn in the classroom 和 specialized skills development, 认证, 实习和工作经历, you’ll leave 贝洛伊特 well-prepared for a successful 和 meaningful future.



我们和你一起决定 可负担性意味着什么?, we partner with each family to make an investment in a 贝洛伊特 education possible.

93% of 贝洛伊特ers are employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation

当你的大学经历包括 实习, 出国留学, 指导研究, 个人计划好的事情往往会发生.

100% test-optional

你是个独立的个体,我们来复习 您的应用程序 作为个人也是如此. We’ll take the time to underst和 your unique educational experience 和 evaluate how you’ve performed 和 challenged yourself in the context of the resources available to you.


你所受教育的价值不能用1和0来量化. It’s a new perspective on the world, an unbeatable student experience, a network for life. 贝洛伊特是值得的.

贝洛伊特的高排名的工作室艺术... 伯洛伊特排名很高 工作室艺术 programs combine theory 和 practice, allowing access to great campus resources like the 赖特博物馆.



阿贝Guram的24 was one of many students who visited the Wilderness Field Station in Ely, 作为夏天的一部分 环境正义 课程. 他坐下来 卢卡斯克鲁格的24, 濒危语言联盟海伍德的26,以及课程讲师 巴勃罗·托拉尔, to relive our experiences 和 和 share the insights gained that summer.


Students on a water run in 巴勃罗·托拉尔's Environmental Justice summer 课程 at the Wilderness Field Station in Ely, 明尼苏达州.


The priorities of Gisela Uribe’26 were to experience college life by living on campus, 上小班, 而且很容易接触到教授, 所有这些都是在离家很近的地方进行的. 在与顾问联系后,吉塞拉现在打算主修 数据分析社会学她希望成为一名医疗保健管理人员.


26岁的吉塞拉·乌里韦(Gisela Uribe)是一名全能的贝洛伊特er. She hopes her majors in data science 和 社会学 will prepare her for a career as a healthca...


在为期三周的 全球经验研讨会 in Germany 和 Pol和, 十大菠菜台子 students explored the memorialization of the Holocaust. 由伯洛伊特学院指导 埃里克·博因顿总统他是 哲学宗教研究, 学生们成了一个学习共同体, realizing the importance of preserving history 和 taking responsibility to avoid the mistakes of the past.


At Memory's Edge seminar participants outside the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Pol和. 全球体验办公室助理主任...


四月底,第五年 生物学西班牙语 语言双学位,22岁的游击手加里森·费隆拿到了 205打, breaking 贝洛伊特’s all-time record previously held by Mike Kovach’11. 不用说, 今年对费隆来说是天文数字般的一年, 现在是学院的“热门之王”,“但这一年是建立在另外四年的基础上的, 包括一个学期 出国留学 位于厄瓜多尔海岸外的加拉帕戈斯群岛.




两个伯洛伊特学院的大四学生, 埃玛琳·梅和米凯拉·戴维斯, conducted research on campus which has resulted in an urban forest plan 和 campus tree map. The collaboration with the Facilities 和 Grounds department as well as mentorship from 雅法·格罗斯曼教授 这些项目在未来几年都很有价值.


student sits on a bench in the poetry garden with a laptop 和 green foliage around


贝洛伊特 Bucs succeed on 和 off the field, in the lab 和 outside the box. 在教练和队友的指导下, student-athletes learn invaluable skills to put into practice every day.



对你的日程安排、活动和参与负责. 加入一些东西,看看哪个合适. 创建事件. 探索. 释放. 世界在你的掌握之中. 

Students prepare to launch a kayak during a Buccaneer Boathouse event on the Rock River.



排名 不是一切, but this is one we are proud of: Niche rates 十大菠菜台子 as the number one most diverse college in Wisconsin. 这很重要. 它是 我们是谁,我们想成为谁. Perspective, experiences, uniqueness only make us stronger 和 better.


参与并帮助创建你想要的校园. Lead, manage, contribute, change, challenge, help define our community. 祝你一路顺风.

#16第一年经验-美国大学.S. 新闻与世界报道

你的经验 课堂内外 这么重要,这是我们的首要任务吗.


有伯洛伊特大学的教育(和 学校影响贝洛伊特在你的腰带下, 你会为生活中的一切做好准备, from your first job to your future career 和 everywhere in between. 

凯拉·埃文斯(Kaela Evans19)与实验室里的一位同事一起工作.



卫生科学学院, 今年秋天宣布, 会建立在这个深厚的传统之上吗, providing current 和 future students a clear pathway between college 和 their careers as health professionals. A few recent alumni who are making a 区别 in the world as health care professionals recount how their 贝洛伊特 education prepared them for their work in powerful 和 sometimes surprising ways.




21岁的Anastasia Voronovsky在弗拉基米尔·普京统治下的俄罗斯长大, 而是作为伯洛伊特大学的国际学生, she gained a new perspective on her home country 和 grappled with what she learned. 当俄罗斯在2022年2月入侵乌克兰时, 沃罗诺夫斯基大声说, 拿她与家人和朋友的关系冒险, 她的职业生涯, 她回到俄罗斯, 甚至是她自己的安全.




A permanent exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum breaks new ground in how Native American stories are told 和 who tells them. Three 贝洛伊特ers—Tom Skwerski’87, Jamie Kelly’96, Emily Starck’14—played key roles in creating it.


The entrance to 本机的真理, the Field Museum's reworked exhibit of Native American life.


克莱尔Eigenbrode’20 has held several positions in the fields of social justice 和 环境正义, with a focus on communication, outreach, community building 和 empowerment. She is currently working as a freelance writer as she prepares to head (remotely) into her first semester in Johns Hopkins University’s MA in science writing program.



How they l和ed their first five jobs (和 what they learned along the way)

Students got advice from an alumni panel about navigating careers, 面对个人和职业上的逆境, 并将他们在贝洛伊特的经历应用到充实的生活中. One key idea from Farooq Pasha’03: “You need to have the ability to adapt 和 to change quickly. 你需要意识到你所拥有的技能.”


Stacie Rosenzweig’97, Nadir Carlson’16, Farooq Pasha’03, Tom Owenby’01, Brienne Adams’08.


伯洛伊特是一个活跃而充满活力的社区. There is always something happening on or around campus to enrich your experience. Current 和 former 贝洛伊特ers are either creating memories or making news. 你可以在这里找到.


With the newly announced delays in the Free Application for Federal Student 援助 (FAFSA) results for college students, 十大菠菜台子 will honor the estimated offers it has provided to prospective students via the CSS Profile.

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